Reservation confirmed! Now please write down the check-in procedure:


1.- Don´t forget to write down this link where you can find the directions and tips how to get here.

2.- Even if we don’t have reception, we will try our best to welcome you, according to the estimated time of arrival you has provided BUT we cannot guarantee 100% that we will so if you are late or we have something to do, we will give you the front door code and and instructions how to get to your room but in that case we will ask you to email us a picture of the guests IDs, Passports or Credit/Debit cards to and then we will send you the door code and instructions.

If you didn’t receive any message asking for you ID/etc, it means that we will wait for you in order to welcome you, but if nobody answers the 3 bells you can call the staff number or alternatively the management team one 

Thanks a lot

Manu´s Place Team