Internship opportunities available and accommodation in exchange of help.

We offer internship opportunities if you need work experience in the hospitality industry, but also we offer free accommodation and money for food in exchange of of 2-4 hours of work per day. 2 days off per week. Flexible schedule so you can combine it with a full time course or another job.

The main tasks are cleaning and preparing rooms (Some days no rooms to prepare so you can finish in 2 hours) but of course if you want to learn how a hospitality business works, we can teach you all the software’s we use, marketing tools… and if you have hospitality background we can help you to develop your career for few weeks.

If you are interested only in the internship (Hospitality Business Management, Marketing, etc), and you don’t need accommodation, we can pay you the weekly bus pass and of course you don’t need to clean.

If you are interested in our project don’t hesitate to contact us and we can give you more information