Our Rooms & Private Apartment

Here you can see the pictures of each room with the common areas of each floor but facilities of the other floor are also available for everybody, especially if you want to visit the living room of the other floor to watch a different thing in the TV or talk with other people. Sometimes we organise barbecues in the back yard for everybody and we have a whatsapp group for easy communication, especially for guests who stay 2-3 weeks or longer

Also you can see our rooms and reviews in Booking.com but if you want to save 10% on the reservation please contact us directly.

  • Downstairs rooms: The following rooms are in the first floor of the house and they share 3 bathrooms with 1 shower each, 1 kitchen (2 Fridges, 8 ceramic hobs) and 1 big living room.

D1 ChocOrange Double Room:


D2 Vintage Cream Double Room:

D3 Cranberry Double Room:

D4 MintChoc Double Room:


D6 Deluxe Cinammon Double Room:




D7 Raspberry Double Room:




D8 Vanilla Double Room:




D9 Huge Room for Couples:

  • Upstairs rooms: The following rooms are in the second floor of the house and they share 3 bathrooms with 1 shower each, 1 kitchen (2 Fridges) and 1 living room.



U2 Rose Rush Double Room:





U3 Creamy Delight Quadruple Room (2 Double Beds):





U4 Ballerina Triple Room  (Double bed + Sofa bed):

U5 Acai Berry Double Room:





U6 Cream Mocha Double Room:





U7 Pomegranate Quadruple Room (Double bed + Double Sofa bed):

  • Private Apartment: We can offer this wonderful 3 bedroom private apartments fully equipped for up to 8 guests and they can also use the common areas of the Shared Apartments as well if they wish .

Private Apartment: